A Few Words From Satisfied Customers


Kind Words

I hired Allison to find obscure research for a book, and she unearthed exactly what I needed. She was thorough, well-organized, and dependable. I subsequently recommended Allison to a Runner’s World colleague for some writing. After Allison had done a few articles for him, my colleague told me, unsolicited, “Allison is great to work with.”

Scott Douglas, New York Times best-selling author


It is such a breath of fresh air to work with somebody like Allison.

Brian E. Perron, Professor of Social Work, University of Michigan


Every edit, every comment, every note resonated with me, which not only enhanced the book’s final content, but provided further evidence of her amazing capabilities as a writer and editor.

—Mike Smith, Miss Mezzanine and The Lavender Run


She did fantastic work. I enjoyed reading the comments and suggestions. In the process, I learned a lot.

Bernard Amadei, Professor of Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder and Founder of Engineers Without Borders USA


Kind wordsHire this woman! I have been using contractors and vendors for 10+ years and I’ve never had a better experience. Her work was excellent, her communications were timely and easy to understand, she understood the content of my book as well as I did, and as a good editor should be, she was extremely nitpicky with my writing. I was very satisfied with her work.

—Robert Kopman, 60 Minute Seder