You contact me.
Tell me about your project and what sort of help you need from me to make it great.
Next step
I respond with questions.
Such as (but not limited to): Who is your audience? How many words is the piece? How soon do you need it to be completed?

Next step
You send me a sample. I send you a proposal.
If you’re a new client, you’ll need to send me a sample of your project.
After that, I will send you a project proposal.

Next step
Now we decide: is it a good fit?
If so, great! Let’s get things started!

Next step
We take care of logistics and legal stuff.
Contracts, NDAs, deliverables, payment schedules . . . all that fun stuff happens here.

Next step
You send me the first payment, and editing begins.
After this, we’ll communicate as needed via email, telephone, Skype . . . whatever works best.
Deadlines will be met, manuscripts delivered, and we’ll all live happily ever after.